History of using perfumes

It’s believed that usage of perfume started in Egypt approximately 4000 years ago. From there, it spread throughout Europe, most notably it was fast adopted by the Romans and the Greeks who both used perfumes as part of the elaborate and extensive bathing rituals for which they were renowned.

Although the use of perfumes, and other aromatics like incense, had been widely used in religious practices for many years it was the massive rise in popularity in Egyptian which saw perfumes become an item commonly used by everyone. Around 2000BC virtually every Egyptian visited a bath house at least once a day which involved applying scented oils and balms to their bodies. The concept of the bath house spread north from Egypt and was adopted wholeheartedly by both the Romans and the Greeks. Elaborate bath houses became synonymous with both of these cultures and helped to make perfume use a common practice which rapidly spread throughout Europe.

The Romans in particular made a huge deal out of using perfumed products. Many Roman bathing houses would contain rooms that were purely devoted to the quantities of fragrant balms, oils, and essences. Known as “unctuariums” which were rooms that were filled different varieties of fragranced products and many Romans would then apply perfumes up to 3 times a day. Many Romans would also use aromatic products to add scents to a variety of household objects to keep their homes smelling fresh.

Although bath houses gave perfumes an initial boom in Europe, they fell out of favor through the Middle Ages, and it wasn’t until the 17th century that they began to rise in popularity once more. In France perfumed gloves became a popular accessory and people began to operate as perfume-makers by trade. This rise in popularity increased, particularly amongst the upper classes where perfume was considered a sign of status. In England, many women would experiment with mixing scents to create unique fragrances, a practice which reached its peak during the reign of Queen Elizabeth.

It was the 19 century which saw the greatest developments in the perfume industry. Advances in chemistry led to the invention of new ways of making perfumes, and as capitalism began to rise, the culture self-indulgent and opulent practices also rose in popularity to the position they presently hold today.

To date, the number and varieties of fragrances are virtually unlimited. There is actually no limit as to the number of fragrances which can be made for you because the quantities and types of ingredients that can be used are virtually unlimited. All are not good combinations, but there are many. Each combination of fragrances has its unique signature and are blended to get a particular effect.

All perfumes are created from an oil base and are characterized according to the amount of the scented oil base that they each contain. The oil base is the strongest formula which you can buy and has a more natural fragrance. More and more people are beginning to use the oil base as they are beginning to realize the value of the oils.

What You Should Know About Fragrances And Perfumes

Most people have perfumes in their houses. These perfumes and fragrances usually make people to have a sweet-smelling aroma around them. Nowadays, we have appreciated the unique smell of a good fragrance and it has become part and parcel of our attire. You can readily get these perfumes and fragrances in beauty shops, supermarkets and so on. You can also get these perfumes or fragrances online. Some of them are expensive while others are cheap. It is almost inconceivable for most people to feel dressed without a hint of perfume to make it complete. Perfumes have become an intrinsic part of our lives. It is part of our identity.

From the very early days, man has used naturally available products such as cinnamon and vanilla as the base for creating fragrances. You will realize that the use of fragrances and perfumes did not start today. It started a long time ago. There are many cultures appreciated the use of perfumes and fragrances. Some of these cultures include those of India, China, Arabia and Egypt. There are some religions that have also appreciated the use of these fragrances in their pursuance of faith. Some of these religions include: Buddhism, Christianity and so on. The purpose of perfumes was not to attract the opposite sex. However, it was meant to attract the kindness of the gods.Nowadays,these perfumes and fragrances are used to attract people of the opposite sex and so on.You will realize that most young men and women use them during ocassions and so on. Celebrities also use these perfumes and also play a big role in advertising them .

Did you know that perfumes and fragrances usually have potential dangers? Fragrances are part of a group of chemicals called Phthalates. This is a family of chemical plasticizers that are used in personal care products to moisturize your skin.95% of the chemicals used in synthetic fragrances are normally derived from petroleum. They include: benzene derivatives and aldehydes.You will also realize that it contains other toxins that can cause cancer, birth defects and so on. Phthalates can cause reproductive impairments, liver damage and so on. Synthetic fragrances contain hormone disruptors which are linked to abnormal cell reproduction and might result in tumor growth.

However, there are safe alternatives to perfumes and perfumes. You can actually switch to natural perfume oils. These are usually made from genuine essential oils and absolutes. You will realize that most perfumes and colognes are normally loaded with carcinogens and other toxic waste materials. It is always advisable for you to go for natural perfume oils so that you can be on the safe side. It is also advisable that you replace your air fresheners with natural essential oils. The fragrances in air fresheners usually come from petrochemicals. Once you use them. You create a steady cloud of toxic fumes in your house. However, essential oils usually smell wonderful and provide aromatherapy benefits.

Fragrances and perfumes have many benefits. Some of them include: relaxing your body, increasing efficiency and alertness and boosting your confidence. They are indeed essential in our lives.


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Toxins Found In Traditional Fragrances for Home and Body

Most people will like to smell good. This is why you will find many people buying fragrances and other home cleaning products which have been scented. There are some fragrances which are made out of natural ingredients which do not pose any danger to your body, in order to stay safe, you need to buy such products. Most manufacturers of fragrances who are known to sale low quality products will as well try to sell their products. They will use persuasive tactics to make you buy their products. In order to avoid such sellers, you should take your time and carry out enough research so that you will know the right product which you can buy.

Toxins found in traditional fragrances for Home and Body


These are synthetic preservatives which are used in most fragrances. They are known to interfere with hormone production and release. Hormones play a great role in the function of different organs in your body. In order to avoid cases where you will be exposed to dangers due to hormonal imbalance, you need to take necessary measures and ensure you use only fragrances which are free from such preservatives. It is even better for you to stay with the fragrance if when using it you will be exposing yourself to severe side effects.


This is a synthetic preservative which is carcinogenic. It is also linked to reproductive effects. The preservatives lead to decreased sperm counts. It also leads to early breast development, liver, kidney damage and birth defects. The preservatives are among those ingredients which you need to try as much as possible to avoid. This is due to the adverse side effects it will expose you to. There are many people who have been faced with health complications due to use of the fragrances made out of the synthetic preservatives.

Synthetic musk

The musk are linked to hormone disruption. The dangerous ingredients are known to accumulate in breast milk and body fat. There are many people who have been affected which lead to research to be carried out. Other areas of the body where the ingredients of the musk can affect include body fat, breast milk, umbilical cord blood among other areas. It also interferes with the environment.

There are several approaches you can use to get rid of the dangerous perfume ingredients or even avoid pollution of the environment. The best approach you can use is to avoid buying the products which have the ingredients and look for greener alternatives.

Tips on how to avoid Toxins found in traditional fragrances for Home and Body

Look at the labels before buying

In order to avoid making wrong decisions, always buy the product after checking on the ingredients used. If you notice there are some of the ingredients used which are dangerous, or even preservatives, you need to avoid them.

Clean green

There are several natural products which you can use when cleaning your home. You will do a great favor to your body AND the environment if you will resort to such ingredients when cleaning your home. There are some manufacturers who are known to manufacture green products, always buy from such manufactures to stay safe.

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Meanwhile, see this brief video from the EWG for more information about the toxins in your daily products.